v. (past saw; past part. seen)
1 tr. discern by use of the eyes; observe; look at (can you see that spider?; saw him fall over).
2 intr. have or use the power of discerning objects with the eyes (sees best at night).
3 tr. discern mentally; understand (I see what you mean; could not see the joke).
4 tr. watch; be a spectator of (a film, game, etc.).
5 tr. ascertain or establish by inquiry or research or reflection (I will see if the door is open).
6 tr. consider; deduce from observation (I see that you are a brave man).
7 tr. contemplate; foresee mentally (we saw that no good would come of it; can see myself doing this job indefinitely).
8 tr. look at for information (usu. in imper. as a direction in or to a book: see page 15).
9 tr. meet or be near and recognize (I saw your mother in town).
10 tr. a meet socially (sees her sister most weeks). b meet regularly as a boyfriend or girlfriend; court (is still seeing that tall man).
11 tr. give an interview to (the doctor will see you now).
12 tr. visit to consult (went to see the doctor).
13 tr. find out or learn, esp. from a visual source (I see the match has been cancelled).
14 intr. reflect; consider further; wait until one knows more (we shall have to see).
15 tr. interpret or have an opinion of (I see things differently now).
16 tr. experience; have presented to one's attention (I never thought I would see this day).
17 tr. recognize as acceptable; foresee (do you see your daughter marrying this man?).
18 tr. observe without interfering (stood by and saw them squander my money).
19 tr. find attractive (can't think what she sees in him).
20 intr. (usu. foll. by to, or that + infin.) make provision for; ensure; attend to (shall see to your request immediately; see that he gets home safely) (cf. see to it).
21 tr. escort or conduct (to a place etc.) (saw them home).
22 tr. be a witness of (an event etc.) (see the New Year in).
23 tr. supervise (an action etc.) (will stay and see the doors locked).
24 tr. a (in gambling, esp. poker) equal (a bet). b equal the bet of (a player), esp. to see the player's cards.
Phrases and idioms:
as far as I can see to the best of my understanding or belief. as I see it in my opinion. do you see? do you understand? has seen better days has declined from former prosperity, good condition, etc. I'll be seeing you colloq. an expression on parting. I see I understand (referring to an explanation etc.). let me see an appeal for time to think before speaking etc. see about attend to. see after
1 take care of.
2 = see about. see the back of colloq. be rid of (an unwanted person or thing). see a person damned first colloq. refuse categorically and with hostility to do what a person wants. see eye to eye see EYE. see fit see FIT(1). see here! = look here. see into investigate. see life gain experience of the world, often by enjoying oneself.
see the light
1 realize one's mistakes etc.
2 suddenly see the way to proceed.
3 undergo religious conversion. see the light of day (usu. with neg.) come into existence.
see off
1 be present at the departure of (a person) (saw them off at Heathrow).
2 colloq. ward off, get the better of (managed to see off an investigation into their working methods).
see out
1 accompany out of a building etc.
2 finish (a project etc.) completely.
3 remain awake, alive, etc., until the end of (a period).
4 last longer than; outlive. see over inspect; tour and examine. see reason see REASON. see red become suddenly enraged. see a person right make sure that a person is rewarded, safe, etc. see service see SERVICE. see stars colloq. see lights before one's eyes as a result of a blow on the head. see things have hallucinations or false imaginings.
see through
1 not be deceived by; detect the true nature of.
2 penetrate visually. see-through adj. (esp. of clothing) translucent. see a person through support a person during a difficult time. see a thing through persist with it until it is completed. see to it (foll. by that + clause) ensure (see to it that I am not disturbed) (cf. sense 20 of v.). see one's way clear to feel able or entitled to. see the world see WORLD. see you (or see you later) colloq. an expression on parting.
we shall see
1 let us await the outcome.
2 a formula for declining to act at once. will see about it a formula for declining to act at once.
you see
1 you understand.
2 you will understand when I explain.
seeable adj.
Etymology: OE seon f. Gmc
1 the area under the authority of a bishop or archbishop, a diocese (the see of Norwich).
2 the office or jurisdiction of a bishop or archbishop (fill a vacant see).
Phrases and idioms:
See of Rome the papacy, the Holy See.
Etymology: ME f. AF se(d) ult. f. L sedes seat f. sedere sit

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